Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Biennet’s privacy policy.

We respect your privacy and do everything in our power to ensure that every one of our customers’ data is protected on our website or mobile applications. Please go through the privacy page, it will update you with your privacy rights and give a look into how we guard your data.


  • When you interact with any features of our website or mobile application, we collect your data.

For instance, when we ask you for your address while a booking, we utilize the same data for delivering the requisite service. It is also used for enriching user experience.

. We are also involved with third-party members like analytics providers that collect technical information that enable us to grow our venture.



When building business relationships, trust and transparency are the two most crucial aspects.  These are the types of information we collect and record:

  • information about your computer and regarding your presence and use of our Sites (including your IP address, geographical location, browser type, and version, operating system, searches made, referral source, length of visit, page views, and website navigation paths)
  • info that you provide us with while enrolling with our Sites (including your name, email address, contact details, and info about your home)
  • info that you give to us to sign in for our email notices and/or newsletters (includes your name, email address, and other contact details)
  • info that you provide to us when operating the services available on our Sites or that is created in the progression of the use of those services information you send to us for feedback (includes surveys and feedbacks)
  • info regarding your communication choices (includes whether you sign up for marketing and other communications)
  • any additional personal information that you choose to send to us


We never store complete credit card information and use a third-party payment processor, with only the last four digits of the card number stored alongside a unique code to identify a customer with a third-party payments provider.

We also gather, use and provide collective data. This could be numerical or demographic information for all kinds of needs. This info is indistinctive, not private.

These sites are not meant for kids. We refrain from gathering any information regarding kids under the age of 18.


We will only use your data when the law allows us to. Most commonly, we will use your data in the following circumstances:

  • personalize our Sites according to your preferences
  • permit your use of the services accessible on our Sites
  • provide you with services bought through our Sites
  • forward statements, bills, and payment reminders to you, and recieve payments from you
  • send you info about your service and any alterations
  • forward to you non-marketing business-related communications
  • forward you email reminders that you have particularly requested
  • permit you to make and accept referrals
  • to help our support team assist you with any concerns or appeals for info as promptly and efficiently as possible
  • update you on alterations related to costs and other terms and conditions
  • inform you about the latest features
  • deal with inquiries and concerns initiated by or about you relating to our Sites
  • keep our Sites safe and help in preventing frauds
  • confirm agreement with the terms and conditions regarding the use of our Sites (including the messages sent)


Our base for managing is reasonable; we might use your info to:

  • study, evaluate, analyze and improve our service
  • send you marketing (you can opt-out any time)
  • request your views and feedback (you can opt-out at any point in time)
  • offer third parties with numerical info about our users (yet those third parties won’t be able to recognize any individual user from the given info)


Our basis for managing is a legal requirement; we might use your info to:

  • keep a documentation of your transactions
  • agree with any legal responsibility or supervisory requirement to which we are subject

We publish your info on our site, only if you grant the consent for the same to us.


We are authorized to disclose your private data to:

. Any associate from our group of companies (includes affiliate businesses, the main company and all its branches) for any purpose that is requisite and mentioned in the policy. 

  • Any member of the staff of the company for any purpose that is requisite and mentioned in the policy.


We can also share some personal info with some specific service providers. They will be managing your info with respect to all regulations.


  • Service providers (like cleaners): so you can get a spick and span home
  • Payment providers: to prepare bill for your facilities
  • Customer service software providers: such as email, telephone, chat, and SMS providers, so that we can connect with you regarding any concerns.
  • Marketing and advertising partners: so that we can send you appropriate data
  • Referrals: where you have referred to somebody or somebody has referred to you


We might disclose your personal info:

  • to an extent that we are permitted to do so by law
  • in relation to any current or forthcoming legal procedures
  • to ascertain, implement, or protect our legal rights (includes providing data to others for fraud prevention and reduction of credit risk)
  • to the purchaser (or potential purchaser) of any company or holding that we are (or are expecting) marketing
  • to any person who we judiciously trust may apply to a court or other similar authority for disclosure of that personal information where, in our sensible belief, such court or organization would be rightfully liable to order disclosure of that personal info



  • We have put appropriate security measures to prevent your info from getting misplaced by accident, exploited or retrieved, edited or revealed. Additionally, we control access to your personal info from specific staff and third persons.
  • We have formulated actions relating to personal data infringement. We will rightfully inform you in case of an infringement.
  • You accept that the transfer of info through the internet is naturally unsafe and that we don’t assure the safety of your files shared through the internet.
  • It is advised that you don’t reveal your password. You will be liable for setting the password you use to access our site.


  • We will only retain your data till our intentions are accomplished. We collect the data in order to suit our authorized accounting and reporting needs



This website uses cookies to identify site visits, tracking user’s activity while navigating the website and booking cleaning appointments. We use data collected by cookies in enhancing website’s usability, analysing and administering the website usage, preventing fraud and improving website’s security, providing personalised site experience, targeting advertisement which may be of interest for you, collecting personal information and other uses.


Rights you have while using this website

As per data protection law, you may have certain rights regarding the information related to you saved with us. Accordingly, you may claim to following:

Right to information: You have the right to know how we use your data. With this privacy policy, we intend to provide clear, transparent, and easy to understand information on usage of your data.

Right to rectification: You have the right to get any incorrect or inaccurate data collected by us to be rectified. Such rectification can be done using an online account.

Right to access personal data: You have the right to request a copy of your personal data that we have saved with us and to ensure its lawful usage.

Right to removal of data: You have the right to ask for removal of your data in situations when we don’t have reason to process it further.

Right to limited processing: You have the right to ask for suspension of processing of your data. In such a situation we will store your data but won’t use it for any purpose.

Right to data transfer: You have the right to ask for data transfer to you or third party in structured machine readable format. There might be some restrictions in this.

Right to objection: You can oppose certain types of processing related to your data such as email marketing, and opt-in.

You also hold the right to revoke your consent for any type of processing that may need it.



Amendments in privacy policy

  • Any alteration in our privacy policy will be posted on this website, and you may be notified by email or push notification of such changes when deemed fit.

. This privacy policy represents its most latest version.


Third-party websites

  • This website may contain links that lead to third-party websites, plug-ins, and applications. Acting on those links may allow these parties to collect or share your data. We don’t endorse such third party links and are not liable for their privacy policy. When you visit such links, we recommend you to read their T&C and privacy policy for informed usage of such links.