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We specialize in cleaning services for offices and commercial spaces. A clean office symbolizes high professionalism and boosts the morale of workers. We can help you achieve this healthy work environment with a reliable and insured service. Remove dust particles, clean windows, and eliminate odour from your office spaces with Bienette today!

Quality We Ensure

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Experienced Workers

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Service Information

  • Price :£40
  • Cleaning Hours :1hr
  • Number of Cleaners :1 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :09.00am - 06.00pm
  • Contact :02086509132
  • E-mail
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Frequently Ask Questions

We want to ensure your privacy and that of our cleaners’, so we do not share your contact numbers with them and vice versa. Before the day of cleaning, you can leave them with additional instructions through your member account on our website till 18:00. You can also use cleaning preferences where you can leave them notes that are not so urgent. If you have to contact them on the day of booking, you can either live chat with them through our website/app or call them through a number that will get disguised when received. Head over to the contact section of your online profile to know more!

Details relevant to the cleaning process, like the kind of surfaces you want to get cleaned, specific cleaning products or techniques you prefer, etc., must be mentioned on the instructions page to do the work according to your expectations. These instructions will be available to the cleaner assigned to you before and during the cleaning. If there are unique products required for the surfaces, you will have to provide them since we do not offer specialist products. Please note, if the instructions are missing, Bienette is not responsible for any damage caused by using incorrect products and/or cleaning techniques.

All customers need to provide is a mop & bucket, toilet brush, and vacuum cleaner, depending on your chosen service.
If you prefer that the cleaner use your products, kindly see to it that you have the following:
– A household disinfectant spray (look for something that ‘kills 99.9%’ of bacteria/viruses)
– Bathroom cleaning products like toilet brushes
– Dustbins or Bin bags
– Sponges, rags
– Floor scrubber
– Laundry detergent
– Rubber gloves
– Glass and kitchen cleaners
– Limescale remover
– Dusting cloth or brush

Yes, all of our cleaners are background checked. We include a right-to-work check and a basic criminal record check. There are eight different levels of background checks done individually. After an extensive round of interviews, every cleaner associated with Bienette is thoroughly trained. They must also maintain consistently high ratings to remain on our platform. We intend to keep our customers, their properties, and all our employees safe.

Yes! You can cancel, reschedule or skip comfortably until 18:00 the day before the booked day. Find this option in your online account and reschedule your clean with us before time to incur no charges! Kindly note, however, that you will be charged the total price if:
– you have to cancel or reschedule a clean after the stipulated time
– your assigned cleaner arrives at the location and cannot enter/start their work.

After the cleaning service, you will receive a feedback form on your member profile or email that would ask you to rate the service out of 5 stars. If you happen to give us a three or below, we will want to hear from you regarding what you found to be unsatisfactory. We request you to take pictures and attach this with your rating within 72 hours of the service, the lack of which would result in us not being able to provide credits in another clean. Get in touch with our support team if you wish to employ a different cleaner next time you book a slot with us.

At Bienette, you control what you pay. It’s a simple formula of an hourly rate which includes your cleaner’s charge and our charges. During the booking stage, we estimate the number of hours required for the number of rooms you want to be cleaned. You can also pre-select the number of hours you want our cleaning service for. If you have additional tasks, laundry, for instance, you can add extra time, which will also be charged hourly.

At the time of joining Bienette, all professional cleaners are asked whether they’re comfortable with working in households that have pets. While booking our service, all you need to do is let us know about a pet, and we will specially assign someone easy and happy to work around animals. We understand that having a pet means extra responsibilities, so if you want to let the cleaner know of instructions regarding your pet- like making sure all windows and doors are closed- you can add these through your online member profile. Please note, however, that your cleaner cannot feed, clean, walk or care for your pet

Yes! All cleaners on the Bienette platform go through a rigorous background check before being employed, so you can comfortably trust them to provide the cleaning services whilst you’re not home. One of our customers’ most favourite aspects of working with us includes the ‘key pick up and tracking’ service we provide if you’ve booked a regular cleaning service. You can opt to leave a spare key with your regular cleaner, which is kept safely at our home office. For customers who want a single visit but need to go out, you can let the cleaner in and assign a safe place for the key to be kept by the cleaner after the job is done. They will duly close/lock the door behind them. Alternatively, you can leave the keys with a concierge or let us know.

Yes! We extend our service to domestic as well as commercial properties. You can book regular cleaning services (weekly/daily/monthly) or a single visit. We clean all types of commercial property, including:

– Offices

– Restaurants, hotels, and Airbnb’s

– Retails and industrial spaces and warehouses

– Schools and gyms

– Hospitals and other medical facilities

– Specific events

– Residential spaces

– Commercial kitchens